Friday, November 13, 2009


I know that all God does will last forever; there is no adding to it or taking from it. God works so that people will be in awe of Him. Ecclesiastes 3:14 HCSB

Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? What about the Rocky Mountains? The Atlantic ocean? What was your first response when you saw one of them? How long did your initial excitement last?

People often treat God like the Grand Canyon. The first time they encounter Him, they are amazed and can’t look away from His grandeur. However, after a short time, they often let themselves get distracted and forget to honor Him. Have you ever been guilty of this?

Read Ecclesiastes 3:14 again. Why do you think God wants people to be in awe of Him?
List some awesome things that God has done. How should you respond to Him?
Have you ever let something keep you from being in awe of God? What happened?

God created the heavens and the earth. Everything exists because of Him. Life itself is a gift from Him. You were able to breathe in and out today because of Him. He cares about you and knows the details of your life. In fact, He is working in your life to bring about His plan for your life. He is awesome.

God deserves our worship. He wants us to express our awe of Him. Today, don’t let anything distract you from His greatness. Be in awe of Him. Let Him know how you feel about Him.

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