Wednesday, May 6, 2009



“How good and pleasant it is when brothers can live together!” Psalm 133:1 HCSB

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” Henry Ford*

Shelton plays the synthesizer for one of our worship teams. When it is time for a rehearsal to begin, he is always in position ready to go. When we need for someone to play at another campus, Shelton is always willing to drive the extra distance to help out. When Hurricane Katrina destroyed our church sheet music library, Shelton produced a copy of every song that he had ever played with the band. He had saved them for years.

Last week, I noticed a crutch on the floor next to Shelton, so I asked him, “Shelton, is that your crutch?”

“Yes,” he answered. “I’m having severe problems with my knee.”

“Are you o.k. to play?” I asked.

He smiled and said, “Yes, I’ll be fine as long as I’m not walking.”

Later, Dwight, our lead worship leader, asked Shelton again if he was sure that he could play. Shelton, smiling again, replied, “I’m on this team and a team’s a team.”

Lord, help me be like Shelton.


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  1. Shelton is just incredible and a fount of wisdom!