Sunday, May 24, 2009

Your Gift

Do not neglect the gift that is in you 1 Timothy 5:14 HCSB

Everyone is gifted, but some people never open their package. Anonymous*

Greg played first chair trumpet in high school and college. He loved every part of playing in the band. He loved making music. He loved the community that he shared with his fellow instrumentalists. He loved being a part of something larger than himself. However, since getting married and moving into his career in marketing, he has stopped playing altogether. In fact, he can’t even remember where he stored his horn.

Last year, Greg moved to a new city and joined a church with an orchestra. Nobody there knows that he has a musical background, but every time the instruments play, he squirms in his seat just a little. His wife encourages him to audition for the trumpet section, but he laughs her off. Each week, he sits in silent agony and dreams about introducing himself to the director, but he pushes his thoughts away and tells himself that his trumpet playing is a thing of the past.

Lord, help us not neglect the talents that you have given us.


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